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What are Dog Ticks?

Pet owners will definitely do anything to keep their pets in optimal health at all times. However, some illnesses and health concerns may keep on showing up on their pets every now and then. While you can avoid most diseases, issues like dog ticks are just one of the problems that may affect your dog at least once in its lifetime.

What are dog ticks

If you enjoy a hiking trip with your dog every now and then, you have to realize that you are at risk for exposing your dog to dog ticks. Dog ticks are usually obtained in the woods and open fields, especially as you go into certain places where the trees are high and insects are numerous. If you happen to go to a spot where dark fleas lurk, then your dog might go home with ticks that could make it very uncomfortable.

Ticks are large fleas that are dark to light gray in color. These things attach themselves to animals or to humans. Once a certain amount of blood is sucked out of your pet’s body, the ticks grow bigger in size. A lot of people mistake them for regular insects, which they are not.

They are more closely related to spiders, and like them, ticks have several legs. An adult tick has eight legs to be exact. Ticks are the common name that people use to refer to the small rabbit arachnids that belongs to the superfamily Ixodoidea constituting Acarina. Ticks are ectoparasites, which mean that they are external parasites.

Certain species of ticks are likely to attack dogs and cats. However, humans can be infected with them too. However, while ticks can irritate humans, they still prefer dogs to be their host. Wood ticks and brown dog ticks are good examples of the ones that can be highly troublesome for dogs. Wood ticks infest dogs when they venture deep into the woods or fields. On the other hand, brown dog ticks are the type that can grow in population during the colder climates. They can be carried indoors by your pets but they rarely thrive inside covered areas.

Ticks can bring about a number of diseases that can cause major concerns to your dog's health. One perfect example is Ehrlichiosis. This disease can cause fever, lethargy, lameness or even bleeding tendencies to your pet. The disease is known to be spread by the brown dog tick. Once the species lands on the dog’s body, it will act like a parasite and kill the cells of the dog.

These species can endanger the life of your pet. As such, pet owners need take every precaution to avoid ticks from coming into contact with dogs. If you still like to take your dog for a hike, make sure that you follow safety procedures so as not to take dog ticks home. Talk to the vet about what should be done when going out on nature trips with your pet. If your dog becomes infected with dog ticks, make sure that you provide it with the necessary care and treatment.